I moved houses. I’m working. I’m in love. I’m writing again. I’m being creative again. My dreams and ambitions are jumbled but I know at least I have some. I don’t know what they are exactly but, I know I have them. With moving to a new place, I’m now surrounded by creativity, and the beach is 2 mins away from me which is so refreshing. I actually hate the beach lol, but its fucking rad to live by the beach. I’ve also been running thanks to my boyfriend. I hate running too but, it’s a form of exercise that I can observe everything and everyone around me. I love being able to people watch, and see my surroundings. I’m becoming less afraid. Less afraid about how people see me. I am who I am. I’m an emotional fireball that will erupt and destroy everything in the way. Can I learn to choose who receives the backlash of this explosion? Yes, and I’m working on it. I am constantly changing, just like everyone I’m learning to be a better version of myself. God….that sounds corny, but it’s real and natural. I don’t believe in expecting things to go the way you want, because then you feel devastated when it goes the opposite. I am taking every little thing in my life one step at a time, or at least trying to. Recently, i’ve been living…..ACTUALLY LIVING. I’ve been taking risks, and expecting nothing to happen but being happy when something does. I’m letting go of restrictions and just accepting, that things will happen how they happen no matter what precautions I take to stop them. JUST LIVE ISAIAH!!!!! I will have to keep practicing this concept and maybe I’ll learn…but until then, I’ll keep telling myself.




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  1. Inspirational, I can feel the sense of love and light. ❤️

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