Pride is here. Gay pride. I am gay. I am in love with another man. I’m proud of that. I wasn’t always proud of that. Pride when I was little, was the most random uncomfortable thing for me. I remember once driving with my aunt, and seeing people protest the LGBT center. I never understood why queer people were attacked and insulted for being themselves. These moments in my life, brought so much fear into my childhood. Ever since I was a young boy, I was always flamboyant. I used to walk with a strut, sing Britney Spears songs to all my classmates, and just be the gayest thing ever. This caused me to be bullied to the point of no end. I got called gay at school one day, and came home and cried to my parents. Gay was being used as an insult to me, and it was hurting me as if it was one. I am a Latino, and in the Latino community queerness isn’t very accepted. I had no gay role models, no gay idols that could help me through whatever struggles I was facing. I felt alone. I did however, have my aunt Sheila. My aunt used to let be the gayest I wanted to be. She truly let me be who I was. I will always love her and respect her for being the beacon of light that I needed when I didn’t think I could do it anymore. I feel like I’m writing my Oscar winning speech… I was closeted until I tweeted about boy issues and my mom found it. She told my dad, and then everyone knew I was gay.  I had a very smooth outing, even though everyone in my school knew. I got to a point, where I got so tired of hiding myself that I needed to just let it be known. I just let go, and let everyone know that being gay is just who I love. Still, I sometimes have this uncomfortable feeling that I’ll be attacked for kissing my boyfriend in public. That feeling has dwindled mostly because of how safe I feel with him. We still live in a world where queer people are targeted and murdered. We are progressing but, the fight has just begun. Queer people deserve respect and love. The future is queer, and i’m so ready for it.


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