Complicating Everything


Life is full of unexpected ups and downs that you are forced to deal with. Being in love is also full of ups and downs. Sometimes, you don’t always react to these situations as mature as you wish to but, you always have to stay true to who you are. Love is a really complicated thing as it is, so try not further complicate it. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Currently, I am happy and in love. I see a future with my boyfriend, but with bumps in the road that I am willing to deal with. Not everyone’s life plans are designed to be focused around you, that’s something I’m having trouble grasping. I just know that know matter where I go, or where he goes….we will be together if it’s right. I was told recently that if it’s meant to be, nothing can stand in front of you two. I’m trying to stick with taking everything a step at a time because it seems to be keeping me sane. I find it funny that just a few months ago, I was sitting writing about how I didn’t know where my life would go with him. Now, I’m sitting in the same place writing about how I can’t live without him. He’s the greatest. We just sit in his car and talk about the stupidest things, we waste hours in his car just laughing. He makes me laugh when all I wanna do is cry, and that’s something that I cherish so deeply. Recently, I fell asleep with him, and I hate being in bed with anyone because it gives me claustrophobia lol. It was the weirdest thing, all I wanted was to be closer to him. Waking up hungover, looking around for my clothes was somehow the greatest moments of my life because the love of my life was laying next to me. I sound cliche but, I can only tell you how utterly corny I feel. I’ve never loved being corny so much. I complicate everything in my life, but with David everything is so simple.


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