It’s my Birthday!


Today is my birthday. I got messy drunk this weekend, woke up with a pizza box and a box of top ramen in my room. I don’t recall where I could’ve even possibly found a box of top ramen. Ever since I was little, I have never liked birthdays because of my crippling fear of having no one come to my birthday parties. I’ve had like 2 actual birthday parties where I was old enough to comprehend I was having one. Last night, none of my friends that I invited came to my birthday party……all of my birthday nightmares came true. I was sitting in the empty room with decorations and lights, literally SHOOK. Luckily, a few of the most iconic new friends I made came through and really made my night. Sometimes, things don’t go the way you plan them to but in the end I had a great time. I realized that people aren’t really your friends…lol. I’m writing all of this in my bed after being extremely groggy this Easter Sunday! I am 19 years old now! My jail bate days are literally over now and it’s truly sad to say goodbye to this era. I’m moving from my messy little gay phase, to my messy little gay phase+ i got a man now. For my birthday, I’m most excited to just spend it with my boyfriend. My messy weekend just needs cuddling to balance it all out. I STILL have Coachella this coming weekend, that will somehow also end in me being messy lol. This past year, had a lot of changes some good and some bad but, I regret nothing!!! I am sticking to my new years plan of letting things happen, and just accepting what lies ahead. I am content with my life in the current moment, and I guess I’ll see where I go.

Thank you for supporting me, and just watching/reading my life journey



Yes sir, I can boogie đŸŒ¹channeling:@allaboutvalentina

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