It’s over..


It’s time. Time to get your shit together and stunt on all the hoes that don’t want you to succeed. I have finally hit a point where I won’t be engaging with people that have no purpose in my life but, to hold me back. I’ve deleted, reported, spammed, and blocked all of the people that will not be moving forward in my journey to succeed. I quit my boof ass job, got another job in less than a week, and now I’m ready to collect my coins. This is my time to thrive and get it together. I will not be allowing people that don’t even love themselves to engage in my life.  I just recently went to a party surrounded by people that I literally had no similar interests/goals with. I saw someone who had smiled in my face but, was an extremely jealous and hurt individual. It was really corny and sad to be around people that continue to sulk in the same boring ass drama. It may sound a little conceited but, its true lol ! With this being said, I will continue to hydrate and grow. I will move forward, and not look back because I can’t be wasting my time with people not worthy of it.


If you’re still hoping that the same corny ass people are going to change this late in the game, you’re delusional. Drop their asses and move to the top, if not you’re going to be chilling with them and being just as corny.




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