Can I get a slice?


Ugh. Time has flown by again, and I haven’t had the chance to write. Life update ladies,I got a job. I work at a little pizza place by my house, and it’s not my dream job but, its a start. I work the worst possible hours, the weekend from 5pm-9pm. Again not the best, but it’s a fucking start. I just cut pizzas up and box them, which is so terrible because I suck at math so if you order from my pizza place and you get fucked up slices….sorry. I’m typing all of this with a cup of coffee in my hand, and my hair in a plastic bag as the bleach begins to seep into my fucking skull. Anyways, before I got hired, I was warned of a bug bite incident where most of the employees are getting bites from an unknown source. It didn’t seem like a serious issue so I took the job any way. I seriously need money, and a job walking distance from my house is a god sent miracle. Literally 2 days into my job, I felt itchy at the gym and realized that I was covered in bites…. I couldn’t say I wasn’t warned. It hasn’t been the best first week of work, but when is the first week of work ever good for anyone. I get off 9pm so, seeing my man always happens when there’s mostly nothing to do but get it on. I’m not complaining lol. If you are wondering, yes I’m still deeply committed to my boy toy at the moment. So everything is good with me. I got a job, I got a man, and I full of bug bites lol. It could be worse ! That’s my little slice of drama for today….get it? Slice….cause I work at a pizza place lol….




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