Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is here once again. The day that many dread because it amplifies the feeling of loneliness and,that others love because it makes them feel loved and wanted. That may be a run on sentence but I don’t really care lol. Valentine’s day has always been extremely cheesy but in the best way possible for me. I love the movies, the songs, and just the entire hype around it. My mom’s favorite movie is Love Actually, and it kind of painted a picture for what love was lol. My parents also have a kind of movie dramatic love that is filled with up and downs, that really showed me that loves really does keep people together. Tonight I will be spending my Valentine’s Day with my man, and I couldn’t be happier. I know that if you aren’t in a relationship, you hate today. If you are in a relationship, you love it but, you fear that your significant other will forget. It’s not so much about what you get, it’s about the thought of remembering and caring enough to do something for you. If you forgot, get your lover some flowers or chocolate . Anything I promise you, is better than nothing. I won’t go on and on, so have fun tonight everyone even if it’s staying in with your boo. Now for all the love birds that need a playlist for tonight, I will post a spotify playlist of my favorite love songs. ❤

Love you all and enjoy your day with your baby mommas/baby daddies




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