Time to get REAL



There comes a time in every relationship where it gets real. The time to get real is inevitable when things are going so well. This realness can be anything, the first time you say I love you, or something as simple as being asked to meet their friends. These things happen and you have to ask yourself if you’re ready to be real with this person.  Are you ready to make this real? Relationships believe it or not aren’t as I’ve been told “like La La Land”. They aren’t a huge musical love story where you bump into the love of your life leaving a coffee shop. I mean they can happen but, the majority of people don’t have those spectacular first encounter. My first encounter with him was coffee and a view of the city, it was amazing to me but there was no dancing and singing. Relationships don’t just magically happen either. You have to work for them, but you also have to let them develop into whatever they become. It’s confusing. I know. Love is so complex and hard to understand that, it’s best to just let it be and enjoy it for what it is. Sometimes it’s hard to just let things happen. You see unrealistic examples of love and relationships that you begin to have preconceived notions of what it’s supposed to be like. People are guarded, and people are not. Sometimes you have to wait a little bit longer to get to that point. I’m ready to make it real, and he isn’t just yet. It seemed like the end of the world to me but, love isn’t like La La Land…lol. Every situation is different, and you have to just go with your instinct. It works differently for everyone and it doesn’t occur at the same time many people take forever to realize that they’re meant for each other, other times it’s so organic and happens so quickly. Feelings have to be developed, they grow over time the more you learn about a person. I know that the feeling are something real, I feel it and I know he does too. When the time comes, I know that it will mean a lot for the both of us because we’ll both be ready to make it real.


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