HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up


I’m falling….and hard. Sometimes it seems like out of no where your feelings for someone magically amplify to the point where you don’t even get a FUCKING WARNING! I know how unoriginal this must sound but, it’s real. I know I liked him but, I didn’t see myself falling for him out of blue like this, or maybe I did. All I knew was that I needed to tell him how I felt, because I couldn’t risk my mind turning on me and having a mental breakdown. I’m sitting in his car and I realized that this is the right moment, and if it’s not ITS ABOUT TO BE THE RIGHT MOMENT.


I say it…..I tell him I’m falling for him. FUCK. I said it. I tell him to say nothing as I have a mini meltdown in the car. My mind is racing, my heart is ready to be shattered, and my stomach hurts.  He tells me to kiss him, and he tells me what I needed him to say. He’s falling for me too.


In the madness of my stupid mind, I didn’t realize that the feelings had to be mutual. I realized in that moment that I needed to really working on my overthinking and say what I mean a lot more often. It’s not a huge improvement but, it’s a start.





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  1. Love this! Yes express yourself. I am happy the feeling was mutual ❤

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