To Fleet or Not to Fleet?




It seems the biggest issue that every bottom faces before a hookup is whether or not to enema. Enemas have made sex better for bottoms and tops since the beginning of time, but are they that necessary? Personally, I’ve only enema’d [if that’s even a word] a few times, and that was only because of the HUGE fear that I may shit myself on that dick. Scary right? Well….recently, I’ve been taking dick constantly and between you and I, I haven’t enema’d AT ALL. I am also constantly getting fucked randomly, with little to no warning lol. I have yet to shit myself, and I’ve erased the extra 30-40 mins of prepping my ass to be shit proof. Now, if someone that you’re having sex with is shaming you for painting on that dick, you probably shouldn’t be fucking them. I know it’s extremely embarrassing, but you have a dick in your ass….where shit comes out of. If you happen to drop a turd on his dick, it’s normal…just shower. My advice is poop, take a shower, and just wash it thoroughly. Girlie you will be good to go and unless you have a regularly upset stomach, you can probably eat a full meal before you hop on that dick. Stop shaming yourself for accidentally dripping because it’s normal.























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