Signs: they’re everywhere…



Signs. They’re everywhere, so much so that you forget they’re even there sometimes. She’s moving. Is this a sign?  He’s not holding me like he used to…is that a sign? Is my head over heels life suddenly coming to a bitter end? So many questions and not enough courage to ask for answers. Signs are something I guess I don’t get much either. Signs are so frequently mistaken that it’s best to just wait for them to reveal themselves. I mean if the signs are so blatantly there, you must take them for what they are. If you’re so hung up on trying and deciphering each and every thing you think is a sign, you’ll miss the most important ones. The annoying barista in this gay coffee shop seems to miss the signs that no one wants to hear him belt out Mariah classics. If we just take a step back and forget about trying and figuring everyone else out, we might find out a little bit more about ourselves. I personally hope that I can learn to stop overthinking everything and realize that the only sign I need is the one I already have….


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