5 Cute Date Ideas that aren’t Corny



Okay, if you’re here either you have absolutely no idea where to take your date, or you ran out of ideas to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It seems that it’s already impossible to find someone to date BUT, even more impossible to find fun things to do with this rare person you’ve met. I continuously see the same repetitive date ideas that in my opinion are very played out and boring. If you’re looking for decent date ideas/places to take ya boo, that don’t include going to fucking Urth Cafe, read below !


1. Roller Skating

This, is a very underrated gem. I know very few people that actually know how to balance themselves without falling on their fucking asses BUT, that’s what makes this a cute date idea. Showing off your goofy side, and allowing yourself to have fun with your boo will definitely go a long way. I’m still trying to get my man to take me, but I will and when I do, it will be amazing.


2. Picnic at the Park

Need a cheap date, that requires nothing but the ability to order or if you want to get crafty, make a sandwich. Pack a few snacks, possibly a flask full of liquor, and get your ass to a park. Making this really considerate gesture will go really well with whoever you’re taking out. If you’re running out of cute things to do, DO THIS ONE !!! DO IT!!!



3.Make Art

This one is for my artsty thotties out there. If the person you’re dating is into art, find a local art studio/in my case Color me Mine and get your asses there. Making art with someone you really like is so much fun, and very romantic. Please don’t take someone that won’t appreciate this because, it can be pricey and its a waste of your fucking coin sis.



4.Take them to Downtown LA

Okay this one is really specific to if you live in Southern California but, a must if you do. Downtown LA is really underrated in terms of places to take your date, it’s FULL of restaurants that you can grab a bite, or stores to get your boo to buy you things. I love going to Downtown, and if you love city vibes….i can’t believe i just said “city vibes” anyways you should go. Below I have a couple cute coffee shops/restauraunts you should check out if you’re interested. From there, you can explore and find things to do down there 🙂



Terroni DTLA


Verve Coffee




5. Get Coffee

My personal favorite for a first date is the perfect way to get to know someone over a warm/cold cup of coffee. It’s always a great way to start/end a date rather quickly. If you just aren’t feeling the person, you can bounce right after OR if you do like them, you can go somewhere from there. This is very affordable and a great way to break the ice with your date 🙂 !


Alright, I gave you my best ideas on where/what you should go/take your significant other on dates. Take these legendary ideas and fucking use them.tumblr_negyv6focj1ql5yr7o1_500.gif



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