New Year, Same Me?


Judging by the title of this you probably think this will be full of my optimistic but surely to fail 2017 resolutions. This year, I don’t have any. 2017 will be my year to completely go with the flow. I have started to become more spontaneous, not really sure how things will go but, along for the ride. I will not be apologetic for being the messy, extra, brash, and annoying person that I am. I am going to continue to allow the world to do what it will with me, because I am just open to the thrill of experiencing whatever gay hell I’ve been placed to live. Recently, I have decided to just let things go how they will, I had sex in a park and almost got caught by what I thought was a police car. It later turned out to be a security guard that informed us that we were locked in the park. Things like this have allowed me to realize that life isn’t about being scared of what will happen, BUT to experience the mess that comes along the way. Now, I’m not saying live life like you’re going to fucking drop dead tomorrow. Don’t. Live it smart but, if there comes a time when you have the opportunity to get fucked in a park, DO IT!!!! I hope that this year is full of excitement, which I think it will be. I hope to continue to write here, at least weekly. Here’s to a new year full of messy times, hopefully you learn to embrace them.

















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