Interview with Kandy Muse





Kevin Candelario aka Kevin Hunty






Drag Queen


Saddest Angel: What is your drag name?
Kandy Muse: My drag name is Kandy Muse 
Saddest Angel: What made you choose this name? 
Kandy Muse:Well, a long time ago a good friend named Lana Del Rey gave me the name Cherry Blossom… Ew I hate name dropping… Anyways, It was a cute name but I couldn’t see myself as a “Cherry Blossom” it reminds me of a body lotion from the mall honestly lmao so I dropped the name and came across a documentary called Beautiful Darling about the life of Candy Darling. I’m not gonna go into details because it really isn’t a special story and I don’t wanna put the readers to sleep haha but the name Kandy
Muse came from that documentary, if you ever get a chance to watch it please do! 
Saddest Angel: Who inspires your drag?

Kandy Muse: So many people inspire my drag! I love the glamour of Gaga, the simplicity of Lana, the timeless beauty of Candy Darling.. The list goes on and on.. I’m also inspired by other queens, the creativity of Aquaria that girl is so young but she has such a brilliant mind, the beauty of Skarlet Starlet I wanna cut her face off and wear it, the carefree attitude of BibleGirl666.. and those are just a few names of the many! 

Saddest Angel: How did you start doing drag?
Kandy Muse: I had a very close friend who’s a makeup artist and he would use me as a face model.. It’s also where I learned the makeup tricks that I know now! So it started off as just painting for the camera behind closed doors. 
Saddest Angel: When was the first time you did drag?
Kandy Muse: Well 2 years ago my very close friend Airik was having a house party for his birthday and he asked if i could come in drag a day before the party (I owned no wig, shoes, clothes or makeup at the time) so I agreed! I went out and got dress, a red lacefront and a shit ton of makeup! I borrowed my friends heels that were way too small for me (I’m pretty sure I lost those heels that night) It wasn’t very pretty.. but everyone gagged! 
Saddest Angel: What advice would you give to someone that wants to start doing drag?
Kandy Muse: You must have a lot of confidence, it really takes a strong man to become the beautiful creatures that we are! Listen to the pro’s, take advice and always remember to have fun and never take yourself too seriously. Oh.. and drag isn’t comfortable so good luck! 
Saddest Angel: Can you tell me about the whole Azealia Banks fiasco? lol

 Kandy Muse:Well, it happened right after the video of her calling a flight attendant a “faggot” was uploaded online. I wasn’t even offended at the fact that she used that word, I can’t be a hypocrite cause I use I’ve used that word multiple times in the past, but she kept going on and on about the topic just making it worse for herself so I told her to keep her mouth shut and move on. Her music is amazin and she’s a very talented person, but her mouth isn’t gonna allow her to succeed any further than she already has and it’s so sad because I actually enjoyed her style I think she’s so dope and so smart. After she attacked me and said that she said about my looks it kinda sucked because I did nothing but defend her, and it backfired. A friend of mine posted about the situation on tumblr and the post has almost 20k notes, it’s pretty crazy! I’ve gotten so much positive messages from people, not that I see myself as one but people have even called me and inspiration it’s kinda humbling in a weird way. 

Saddest Angel: Not many people do beards in drag, why the beard? 

Kandy Muse:Well I grew a beard out 2 years ago and have only shaved my face once in those 2 years, I hate the way my face looks without a beard so I just incorporated it into my drag, and why not? It created a unique character I think! It works, it looks good, it gives people something to talk about and that’s what I want! It’s also like eyecandy cause you can’t stop looking at it, and now I can’t picture Kandy Muse without a beard! 

Saddest Angel: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
Kandy Muse: wow, 10 years seems like it’s an eternity away.. but I wanna take my art into the mainstream. I don’t wanna be an old queen in the nightlife scene, not that there’s anything wrong with the nightlife scene, it just isn’t where I wanna be. So hopefully 10 years from now Kandy Muse will be a household name! 


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