Saying Hieeee to Alaska Thunderfuck

ALASKA THUNDERFUCKtumblr_nqj351CmmO1rosb88o1_1280


Justin Andrew Honard




Los Angeles


The mad scientist behind alien singer/songwriter Alaska Thunderfuck 5000.


Saddest Angel: How are you? 🙂

Alaska Thunderfuck: Stunning.

SA:How long have you been doing drag?

AT: 8 years.

SA: When was the first time you did drag? How did it feel?

AT:I’ve always liked girls’ clothes because they’re more fun.  They look cooler, and they move better, and they are made of more sensually pleasing fabrics.  So I always gravitated toward them.  I loved dressing up in girls’ clothes.


SA:What was being on Drag Race like?

AT: It was a dream.

SA:Your name is so iconic, What made you come up with Alaska Thunderfuck?

AT:Alaskan Thunderfuck is a type of marijuana.  I was 22 and very stoned when I decided that was my drag name.


SA:What advice do you have for little gay boys like me that want to do drag?

AT:Retire!  Just kidding.  Be original.  Use YouTube and eBay for the basics and the tools, but create your own aesthetic by following what works for you and what doesn’t.

SA:What’s next for Alaska ?

AT:I’m traveling.  I’m making music.  I hope to make films and music and all types of media and keep challenging myself in the years to come.

SA:where do you see yourself in 10 year?

AT:I plan to age in reverse so I’ll look 20 and feel 17.



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