Interview with Shelby Sells



Shelby Sells (yes, that’s my real name)







About a year ago, I came across a blog titled “Pillow Talk” by someone named Shelby Sells that immediately pulled me in. I read all of the interviews she had and continued to follow new ones she would post. Eventually, through her influence I started up my blog. A couple months ago, Shelby followed me back on twitter and insta and we created this internet friendship! Now, I’m here interviewing the lovely Shelby Sells, the amazing person that inspired me to start my own blog.

SA: Hey bby! How are you? 

SS: Hi boob!! I’m great 🙂 swamped with work, but not complaining! How are you?

SA: What are you up to today?

SS: Today I’m writing some articles for BULLETT mag, finalizing interviews for Perv On The Go, finishing filming Cooking With Candice ~ a new erotic film by Alanna Pearl and POTG, and going to spin a little at my baby girl’s bday party tonight 🙂

SA: Where did the name sweaterpuppiez come from?

SS: I’ve always had pretty big boobs and someone at a party FOREVER ago called them sweaterpuppiez (50s slang for breasts) and the name stuck 😛


SA: I have a confession, your blog made me want to start my own hehe. What inspired you to start yours?

SS: Aw!! That means so much to me! I’m so happy to inspire. Honestly, I was feeling a little lost in my life at that point in time and figured I’d start a hobby lol. I’ve always enjoyed talking to people about relationships and sex and figured it would make for some cute content online and serve my own interests in social studies. I’ve been happily doing it ever since 🙂 Who knew it would take me this far!

SA: Perv on the Go is a great name but, it was Pillow Talk before. What made you change the name?

SS: Thank you! I loved Pillow Talk too. Unfortunately, a ton of other people hopped on the “Pillow Talk” band wagon (with various youtube shows / magazines / shops already bearing the name). I wanted to separate myself from the norm and so I decided to rebrand 🙂 PillowTalkxo will forever be close in my heart, but Perv On The Go is my future for sure.


SA: You’re a very sexual person that isn’t afraid to show it, which I admire. Why do you feel that society is so shocked by sex? 

SS: Haha! Yes, I’m quite the little perv. Thank you! I believe people are shocked by sex because society has deemed it to be shocking. People having been having sex, been LGBT, been having crazy orgies for CENTURIES! Sex shouldn’t be a taboo topic. It will only create more suppression within people, growing their insecurities and enabling their disconnect from physical self and others in their peer groups. Everyone has sex, even priests and the president. Do not deny your urges. Instead, embrace them in a loving, respectful, manner. 

SA: If you were president for a day, what would you do first?

SS: Make weed legal everywhere.


SA: What is your summer jam?

SS: Ooooo!! Right now I really love anything by The Weeknd, Chris McClenney, and “Beam Me Up” by Midnight Magic.

SA: Speaking of music, you DJ. What made you want to start DJing?

SS: I love music, but I can’t sing for shit or play any instruments! LOL. DJing provides me an outlet to express this passion. 

SA: What’s next for Shelby Sells?

SS: My boyfriend (Producer Caleb Stone) and I are going on a month-long road trip across the US to study and survey the general populous and see what’s really going on in this country. We will be leaving in August and live streaming our entire experience! After that, there’s been talk of moving to Detroit 😉 We will see… hehe. I’m also expanding Perv On The Go to other contributors as I want it to be a broader platform for like-minded people to share their work and express what’s on their minds. ❤   

SA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

SS: In 10 years I will own a cute little vintage store and will be living out my dreams <3333 Thank you so much again for this interview!



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