Interview with ☁️LULO☁️









Saddest Angel: Hey bby! How are you?

LULO: Hiiiiii! ^.^ I’m great angel n u! 

SA: What are you up to today?
L: Just got back from Vegas trying to get back to normal ^.~

SA: With the big news of marriage equality being a big topic, how do you feel about it?

L: Ahhhh so happy about it! I have gone to so many protests/strikes since I was 15 for LGBTQ rights and so amazed that we have made it this far and can only go forward from here! ^.^


SA: Can you explain being a non binary person in 2015 and how it affects you?
L: Mmm tbh I think I’ve been very lucky being in Los Angeles and it being 2015 because it could be much much worse. My heart goes out to people like me who are in other countries or even states that to this day aren’t allowed to express themselves and be who they are. That’s why I try and bring as much awareness as I can through social media and do what I do to hopefully little by little with the help of other  LGBTQ angels make it acceptable and safe for us everywhere. 

SA: What does non binary mean to you?

L: To me it means I identify as both male and female. People are always very confused by that and I don’t mind because that’s only natural but it’s a very real and natural thing that I feel. I love my feminine side but also love my boy side as well and couldn’t see myself dropping one or the other. 
SA: What pronouns do you prefer?
L: U can call me whatever u want tbh but I’m just Lulo ^.^ 
SA: You dress so angelic! What inspires you?
L: Aw thnk u! I get inspired by the Internet every day! Tumblr is great for inspiration! I am also so inspired by all of my friends and am very lucky to have such creative and unique people around me that aren’t afraid to be themselves! 
SA: What is a piece of advice you would give to your younger self?
L: Be yourself always and don’t worry about what others might think of u! Because having people who love u for u and not something that ur trying to be for other people is much more rewarding ^.^ (This would have helped ALOT) 
SA: Who are your favorite angels on instagram?
L: Ahhh this is so hard because everyone I follow are my favorites! But if I HAD to choose one just from recent obsession I would have to say @kseniadariakatz is on the top of the list. She’s such a unique angel and amazing artist I’m in love! Everyone should be following her! 
SA: What are 5 things you cant live without?
L: Wifi, french fries, video games, my best friend @LunaMiu & my cat Mordecai ^.^
SA: What do you have planned for the rest of 2015?
L: Hmmm hopefully taking @heav3nparty to different cities and collaborating with angels everywhere!  ^.~
SA: Where do you see yourself in 10 year? 

L: On a yacht with a boy and lots and lots of champagne! 



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  1. I wish you’d ask how’s her relationship with her parents, how did she come out or her age! idk how old she is. either way this is pretty good. she seems super sweet and she’s extremely beautiful!

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