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Camila Ericka Low





I interview many people that interest me, whether they are musicians, artists, internet icons, etc but I have never interviewed someone that I call my best friend! Camila and I met about a year ago through a mutual friend, and I was actually going to interview her but we got quickly distracted. Then, I found out how much of an amazing person she really is, and we quickly bonded. Fast forward a year, and we’re here doing the interview we became best friends over.


Saddest Angel:How are you bestie?

Camila Low: Im doing fine thanks for asking my angel 💕

SA: what are you up to today?

CL: Today I’m settling at my boyfriends place

SA: Oooo! how are you and your boo? i love cody ❤️

CL: We are doing great! We get along so well

SA: I’m glad 😊 to hear that ! What new with you? Any projects coming up?

CL: Yes! Im actually planning a lot of exciting things this summer. Obviously I’ll be spending a lot of time going on adventures with my boyfriend but I have other things in mind. Im preparing to start up a blog and hopefully get that growing so maybe eventually I can make videos that answer a few questions my followers have for me regarding makeup, style, and personal interests.

IMG_6081SA: Thats amazing! Im so happy for you ❤️ You hit 200k on instagram yesterday, how did that feel hitting that many followers?

CL: Thank you so much 💙 it’s a naturally great feeling that people take an interests in my posts. It makes me feel as if Im doing something right. Im glad I have this opportunity to spread positivity as well!

SA: Yes, you’re insta feed is really cute, I love it. You also model, how did you get into modeling?

CL: Well it was never my plan to start modeling honestly. It kind of just happened! I started booking shoots slowly and grew to love it.

SA: You have great fashion sense, what inspires your style?

CL: I was homeschooled for plenty of years so I wasn’t surrounded by many people who could introduce me to whatever’s trending. Now that I’m always out and about at shoots or doing projects in DTLA I get really inspired by everyone around me. I love everything from sundresses to sportswear. I don’t like to limit myself; however, if I had to narrow it down to one I think a huge fashion inspiration to me would be Norma Bates from the Modern Television series “The Bates Motel” I want her closet.

SA: Yes your style has really evolved :). I love that show! It’s really nerve racking and her closet it’s hella tite :). Who would your favorite designers be?

 CL: I don’t have just one favorite designer haha I respect plenty! I’ve really been enjoying what Jeremy Scott has been putting out there lately as well as Kanye West (but who hasn’t) lol


SA: its summer, what would be your summer playlist?

CL: Since it is summer I can’t wait to unwind. I like cool or slow beats so I’ll definitely be listening to Wax Tailor, Nujabes, or Neon Indian.

SA: What do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

CL: This year Im excited to be busy with school, work, and projects I plan on starting 🙂

SA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CL: In ten years I see myself graduated as a nurse and possessing a diploma in English! I really would like to work with kids and find another job that require I do some writing as well 🙂




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  1. What made you get a tattoo?

  2. What type of Asian are you?

  3. Nationality?

  4. What does her voice sound like?

    • A sweet gentle voice, you can hear her speak if you scroll down her instagram feed @camilakilla it’s the video of her and a baby wearing a paper clip wreath saying “mama”

  5. How old is she? How is she thin or stay fit?

    • She’s 21 and claims to be using the app “pumped up” which she says keeps her fit however, it was an advertisement which she helped sponsor. But there are old childhood pictures of her and she’s practically been skinny her whole life so probably fast metabolism.

  6. What’s the meaning behind her tattoos?

  7. Omygosh I love her #asianpride
    Please get on snapchat I would die 😍

  8. thanks so much for all the comments! i sent them to camila ❤

  9. When is her birthday?

  10. What’s her makeup routine?

    • She has never revealed her makeup routine but I can tell you some products she uses before she deleted her posts on instagram. Keep in mind she might have changed her products. For eyes Camila uses Benefit’s Push Up Liner and L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara. For bronzer she uses Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer. She revealed she uses Bobbi Brown Brow Kit in saddle/mahogany and The BrowGal eyebrow kit by Tonya Crooks (highlighter pencil 02,brow gel, brow pencil 04). The lip products she uses are “Spice” and “Whirl” and “Velvet Teddy” by Mac and “Fancy” lipstick by Calvin Klein and Too Faced melted lipstick in Melted Nude. Occasionally she wears red lipstick but I don’t know what brand but the closest dupe would have to be Mac’s “Ruby Woo” Finally she sometimes apply these natural false eyelashes but never revealed what brand but you can use individual lashes for the same effect! She never revealed her foundation, concealer or blush so I can’t help you there. :/ Hope this helps! 🙂

  11. Are you single????
    If you are…8189383945
    It’ll be fun to meet up

  12. What is Camila’s Myers Briggs 4-letter personality type?

  13. HEY Diamon, do you have eyes?or u can’t read the interview!? She said that she has the boyfriend and she will spend whole summer with him

  14. Does she have a part time job?

  15. How old is she??


  17. what’s cody’s instangram

  18. Would you ever visit Philippines if you had a chance?? And at what age did you first get a tattoo 💖

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