Interview with Jasman420








Saddest Angel: Hey bby ❤️ how are you?

Jasmine: Hello! I am good, thank you. Very happy lately! Things are working out. Went out last night which was a bit wild, and I should be feeling like shit today but I’m smoking, chilling.

SA:You’re style is really cute and makes me smile! What inspires your style?

J:That’s so lovely! Thanks! My style is inspired from so many sources. My lifestyle, characters and style in films (especially those by Gregg Araki), people I follow online, provocative ideas that I have, my favorite designers and artists, trap/rap culture, my favorite trashy icons, LA, strippers, BDSM, my friends and my boyfriend. I am most inspired with ideas when I am stoned.


SA:Who are your favorite designers?

J:I really like Nikki Lipstick, Whatever 21, Demian Renucci, W.I.A., MEAT, Damage Group, Nasir Mazhar, KTZ and Maria Ke Fisherman, Louis Vuitton and Vfiles. I used to be really into high fashion, and my style has since developed with influence by Jeremy Scott, Ashish, Givenchy and Alexander Wang.

SA:What are 5 things you can’t live without ?

J:Weed, caffeine, money, fishnet, my boyfriend. (also candy and lip gloss)

SA:You’re such an angel! What does it take, in your opinion to be an angel ?

J:Thank you! That’s super sweet. I think an angel radiates positivity and is lovely, supportive, thoughtful and fun to be around. They have a unique look and their style is inspiring. They exceed all standard expectations of people.

SA:If you were an emoji, which one would u be?

J:Definitely the purple smiling devil! Rebellious and sexy (but with good intentions)


SA:What do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

J:I work full time, but there are also a couple of sick projects coming up! I plan to start making fashion in collaboration with my best friend. In a month, filming commences for a movie I am featuring in. I have never acted before but I’m super excited to be involved. There’s a focus on internet aesthetic and the whole idea is very different, very relevant. My character is a superficial bitch and I’m going outside of my comfort zone which is always interesting. The director/writer is the Y2K internet Dad! Also, my friend and I are going to start collaborating on a collection of sexy little outfits and sportswear. They will all be ethically manufactured and have a lot of our personal style invested in it. I am also involved in my boyfriend Jesse’s live photo shows, occurring over the next few months in a couple of states across Australia in collaboration with Sticks and Stones Agency. They are staging live photo shoots in hotel rooms decorated by various creatives and I will be modelling in one of the rooms in each of the shows, which will be super fun being photographed prancing around in that. So I’ll be keeping busy.. hopefully after all that I’ll be able to take a holiday!

SA:Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

J:That’s a hard one! I guess it depends on the paths I take, and I like to be unpredictable. I may be a university graduate, a feminist pioneer, a world traveler, a fashion designer, own a dispensary, a published author, life drop out… the possibilities are endless and I like to keep my options open, by not limiting myself to a specific career or placing labels on what I do. I have interests in so many fields and hope to pursue all of them! I want to prove everyone wrong who has ever doubted my capabilities. In a general sense, I expect to be happy, traveled extensively, and have made a significant creative contribution to the world. 





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  1. Hitt me up…I’m worth your wild and guaranteed to have once In a lifetime experience with me…
    Okay I lied…more than once more like several….. or email me

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