10 Questions with BabyTrash


(wearing hellboygear)

Saddest Angel: State your name, age, location, and occupation (what you’re known for etc.) 

      BabyTrash:Kaycee, 22, Washington, microblogging online qt/ barista babe

SA: How did you create your username babytrash? 
     BT: haha idk really i wasn’t even about making an instagram account in the beginning (i did it for my blog) so at the time i didnt care and its kinda lame how i just came up w it but i wanted something w 2 words that sounded a little tacky so i just kept putting words together until i came up w something fitting. i have a v youthful heart and will forever be obsessed w all things cutesy & baby plus i really appreciate the aesthetically trashy so babytrash came to mind and it just suits me. the funny thing is that i thought id change it quickly (as ive done w past tumblr urls) but its really stuck and i cant imagine changing it at this point. i only get annoyed at people who try to reassure me that im not trash or whatever because they think that naming myself this is self-deprecating or something when its not even meant 2 be. 
SA: Who are your favorite insta accounts to follow ?
        BT: Oh that’s easy !! runningmermaids, maryrosenberger, nikkilipstick, internetgirl, and ofc my bb toopoor. they all seem to give themselves permission to be authentic and its the coolest. i look up to people who try to stay positive and spread love the way they do while still being real about it ❤ they the best
SA: What are 3 things you must have on you at all times?
  BT: phone, lipstick, and my vape since ive dropped the cigs
SA: Define the word angel, what does it mean to you?
 BT: a lovely being that radiates beauty and sweetness from the inside out ❤
SA: Who are your favorite designers right now?
  BT: oh that’s hard lol i’ve definitely always cared about personal style but haven’t really payed attention to who my favorite designers are and actually learning about fashion up until more recently!! i still feel pretty overwhelmed and like im all over the place w what i find interesting so its hard for me not to feel pretentious while talking about it but since you asked lol i always wear a lot of black and i like mixing it up w cool shapes and fabrics so obvious ones like rick owens and maison martin margiela are v inspiring to me, i like cottweiler, w.i.a collections, and ooohhh tbh id probably die to wear something super sexy from atsuko kudo !! there r more that i drool over but those r the faves i can think of right now 
SA: It’s 1am and you’re hungry, what do you eat?
  BT: tbh whatever dry cereal or bread i can find sitting on top of the refrigerator bc at 1am its just about sustenance 2 me
SA: What are your biggest pet peeves? 
BT: UGH slow driving and when people chew their food loudly even tho it makes me feel bad bc i kno some people cant help it idk its worse than fingernails on a chalkboard in my opinion !!! i will get up and sit on the opposite side of the room or even leave if i cant take it
SA: What is something no one knows about you?
  BT: i cant really think of anything funny or interesting because i already spill a lot on my blog!! hmmm idk maybe people don’t know that i’ve had like 7 steady jobs and have changed my major multiple times but i have yet to really figure out what i’m doing with my life which is something that used to scare the shit out of me and i totally let that fear swallowed me up! i was always scrambling to make decisions about my future while missing out on the now which made me constantly sick with worry but this past year i’ve totally learned to ride the wave and enjoy what i’m doing in this moment and i’m to a point where the uncertainty about my future is pretty exciting and i’ve never felt better and less pressured about what i’m doing with myself its great!
SA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
 BT: Hahaha well by my last response its obvious that i probably dnt have a v solid answer for this one but idk living somewhere busy, still looking hot, probably married to Nathan by then and hopefully owning my own business or something idk…. a cafe sounds cool




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