Interview with Ponibbi










Saddest Angel: What’s up boo? How are you?

Ponibbi: Hehe I’m good thanks! Working on some exciting new things that are keeping me busy.

SA:You tweeted “2015 should be the year gender dies” explain what you mean by this?


P:It was the start of the year and I was thinking about how trans and non-binary minorities are gaining so much cultural visibility and it just felt like a proper mission statement to start the year, especially considering the disproportionate amount of violence aimed at the aforementioned groups already this year, especially trans women of color.

The idea behind that tweet was that if you feel restricted by these systems then disregarding the binary and being your expressive, genuine self is your small contribution to widening narrow viewpoints and deconstructing the idea that our identities fit neatly into boxes. And to the people who appropriate that kind of intolerance it’s saying fuck your narrow-minded systems, get over it.
SA:What do you identify as?


SA: You dress so innovative and cute :)!! What inspires you?

 P: I love fashion and am kind of a shopping addict. I often dress up with narratives in mind, and usually my ideas come from things I want to pair together to realize those concepts.

 Last season my dream conceptual look was the Miu Miu pink PVC raincoat paired with a Moschino hand mirror phone case, so I had to make it happen! Deconstructing those really saturated ideas and pairing statement pieces like that with other things I find and clothes that my friends make allows me a more day-to-day wardrobe, and if I want to go all out for an occasion or when I’m playing a show then I can


SA:It’s 1am and you’re hungry…what do you eat?

P: Probably chocolate!

SA:What’s your 5 go to items you must have with you at ALL TIMES?

P:Lipgloss, my phone, a notebook, my pink vape pen, and a nail file.

SA:What inspires your music?

P: I just wanna dance! Plus pretty sounds, feelings of elation, and turning up.

SA:Who’s your Dream collab?

P:I am lucky because I get to collab with cute friends like σníkα and Ghibli and Whybray all the time on lots of different things! I think that doing a back to back DJ set with Paris Hilton tops my list of dream collabs tbh. There are lots of other talented people I would love to work with in any capacity. I love Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, SOPHIE, Joseph Marinetti…the list goes on!

SA:You just dropped a mix on Dazed Digital, that’s one of my fave mixes I’ve ever heard. What was the idea behind it? and how are you feeling about all of the praise from it?

P:It’s called Conceptual Girl™ – sometimes i just come up with little phrases like that when i am thinking about things. I was thinking about Moschino SS15 and Barbie as a symbol of female aspiration and ideals of femininity, and redefining what expressing femininity was for me.

It’s the first mix I’ve released so I wanted it to be fun and formative and also give an idea of the kind of sounds I want to put out there. Sort of like a mission statement on sensitive club music, club music that doesn’t idealize masculinity and heteronormativity and boring house music, or whatever it is bros listen to.

 The sounds can be sweet and cute and light but it can move into these harsher sounds and pop mashups that really go off, but it still stays true to itself.

I am mostly just glad people have enjoyed it and am thankful for all the support I had from collaborators on it!

SA:What are your plans for 2015?

P:Keep thriving.

SA: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

P:That’s so far away, who knows! I just want to keep doing what I want to be doing with the people that I want to be around.



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