Saddest Bae: When did you realize that you had become “internet famous”?

Niki Takesh: When MTV wouldn’t stop calling me trying to get me to do “true life i’m an internet celeb” or when 13 year olds lined up with pieces of a cardboard box for me to autograph. I really don’t want to be internet famous.

SB: How did you meet Brooke Candy?

NT: When she first moved to LA 4 years ago we instantly became bffs cuz we are the same height, shoe size, tit size, waist size and we are crazy bitches. We got into some crazy shenanigans.


SB: Are you single?

NT: Never single. Always a wifey and lovin it.

SB: You dress so amazing it’s literally iconic, what inspires you?

NT: Literally nothing. I don’t try to look good. i see things i like and buy them. I have a shopping addiction. I’ve been living out of a trunk of random clothes at my boyfriends house so i have limited options. I basically create outfits off everything I’ve purchased since we started dating. It’s funny.

SB: Who are your favorite designers?

NT: Jeremy Scott duh, I mean theres a lot I can’t really name them all. Love all the big guys but prefer the smaller labels.

SB: How was Coachella this year for you?

NT: It was some what mellow, I barely went to the fest or parties- its too much these days. I literally saw maybe one or 2 shows. kind of regret missing a lot of the acts. Oh well.


SB:You were a model for quite some time, why did you stop?

NT: I was never a model, I mean I guess I did some modeling but, I’m not a model. I started kind of hating getting my pic taken. I’ll only do it for the big buxxxs.

SB: When you go to Taco Bell, what do you order?

NT: Ugh I haven’t been to Taco Bell in so long because I have a healthy boyfriend. Crunchwrap Supreme with chicken instead of beef is the only way to go. Shit I’m gonna do that tonight.


SB: Any big plans for the rest of 2014?

NT: yes but its a secret.

SB: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

NT: I’ll be 32- so deff in my mansion with my kids and husband and cats. if not at home then shopping at barneys. all i want is a simple kind of life








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