Kreayshawn most known for her smash single “Gucci Gucci” back in 2011, has been up to a lot since then. She dropped an amazing album, toured all across the world, and had a baby. After, “Gucci Gucci” dropped I had to know who Kreayshawn was. I immediately fell in love with her music, I was even blessed with a follow back on twitter. I hit Kreayshawn up for an interview and here we are. I caught up with Kreay on what she’s been up to, the earthquake last night, and more.

Saddest Bae: What’s up Kreay?

Kreayshawn:Nothing much. It’s 10am. I just put the baby down for a nap. I really wanna have some cereal but, there’s not enough milk. So, I will just do this interview.

SB: I heard that you’re playing your “last show” in Iowa. Is it really your last show? why?

K: I wouldn’t bet that it’s truly my last show but, I usually never like performing. I did on my last tour The Group Hug tour. That was a lot of fun but, I get really bad anxiety and before a show it is the worst. If I know I have a big show coming I can start feeling the anxiousness even a month before the show. Which makes me really anxious on the plane and so fourth. So, me not performing in over a year and knowing my next show is at a stadium it gives me MAJOR panic. LOL! But, whatever I rock when I’m up there. I just hate that adrenaline feeling before.


SB:What have you been up to since dropping your debut album?

K: Man I dropped my album in 2012! That was so long ago. After my album I went on tour then after the tour I found out I was with child. So, I just chilled the whole time I was preg. It was nice to just eat and sleep for a couple months. I launched my Jewelry colab and partnership with OK1984. I started making the next line too. It’s pretty dope.

SB:How are you, Two stacks, and baby Desmond?

K: We are good. It’s very interesting being a family. I say and do things I never thought I would even care about. Like getting a deal on new laundry soap.. like I am a real mom now. Desmond is really advanced and taller then average according to the doctor. That’s nice.

SB: Do you want to have more kids in the future?

K: I def wanna have a girl one day. I would for sure have another baby.


SB: Any music coming soon?

K: I have been working on some stuff and I was doing pretty well at managing my time and getting a few songs done but, I fell off again and got distracted. I recorded a few songs all with Dez sitting on my lap LOL. One’s called Life Under Construction and I really like it. It’s about how life is always rebuilding and you gotta make due with your situation because Life is Weird. LOL.

SB: You dress so kawaii and cute, Who are you favorite designers?

K: I mean, most of my Kawaii attire came from so many places. Recently I been wearing O-mighty Weekend and United Couture. But, never under estimate a plain white cropped tee and some jeans. That’s usually what I like to wear.

SB: Your collaboration with OK1984 was so perfect, you’re dropping more jewelry this year, tell me about it.

K: The new stuff I’m doing is a series inspired by ‘Cute’. A 3-chain necklace with 2 charms and a variation of languages saying ‘Cute’. Bonita, Kawaii and an arabic one. Also there is going to be chokers. I had been stressing the chokers for over a year now. Happy they are coming now. + adding in some new faces to the basic emoji inspired necklaces I have been selling.

SB: You’re a professional gamer, as I’ve seen on your Twitch account, What’s your favorite game?

K: I really like Katamari Damacy and Parappa games. I am partial to rhythm games. I love the Wii U because, they def make the kawaii games. Super Mario 3-D world is a really intoxicating game to me. I love it.

SB: While on Twitch last night there was an earthquake, How was that? You seemed scared lol.

K: OMG! Yes, I was scared as hell. I am so happy my reaction was recored. It was funny. There’s the moment when you feel the shake and your like OMG..this is a earthquake. Then the second OMG was like WOW this is REALLY a earthquake. There was one like last week and it was a 3.5 or something and that was the biggest one I felt till’ this one that was a 5.1 which was huge and scary and I grabbed my baby. LOL



SB: A lot of female artists are dropping albums this year, Who are you most excited for?

K: Honestly, I am excited for Azealia Bank’s even though we had beef and she prob thinks I suck. She truly is one of the most talented if not THEE most talented female rapper out of us little seedlings that have popped up in the past couple years. I hope she really leaks her album. I know how it feels to deal with a label and push backs and all that can get real depressing especially when your a person who loves being in control.

SB: Summer is coming up and your iconic song “Summertime” is my summer jam, what’s yours?

K: LOL! I mean some old school bay: Celly Cell – It’s going down

SB: Any plans for the rest of 2014?

K: Other then raise the seed and hustle. Not really. I always have things up my sleeves.

SB: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

K: Honestly my life changes every year. Drastically. So I don’t even know who I will be in a year TBH. As long as Dez is thriving then it doesn’t matter.




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  1. Nice interview man. I liked some of KREAYSHAWN music like “gucci gucci” and “left eye” but the whole N word controversy just mess up her whole career, she should have left v nasty behind because she pretty much killed it. I felt very offended by v-nasty myself to be real with you.

    KREAYSHAWN didn’t have much promo for her album either which mess her up, which caused her to flop and sell only 3k the first week, than to have twitter/media outlets laugh at her at the end. And she got the tittle “FLOP” an artist worst nightmare of being called. I like that she is just taking care of her baby now, and enjoying life.

    Did you call her for this interview or something by the way?

  2. Yeah the v nasty thing had something to do with it but honesty I think her having a baby is what killed it. now don’t get me wrong, a baby is most definitely a blessing but having one at the height of your career is a no-no in the industry. the appeal to some is gone, that’s why she got dropped

  3. Thanks for this ! Having a baby while having a career is definitely not ideal, as i have two! But it can be done, with support, determination and a Lil time management. I am a way better, more dynamic person because of my children. I think kreayshawn will rock it for !many many years to come, she’s only 24!!!! Love you kreay!

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