Saddest BaeYou just dropped an amazing song with Sad Andy. Tell me about it? It’s on replay by the way.

Kitty: Hahaha I’m glad! The song is for my friend/producer Pat Lukens’ first mixtape, he’s releasing it on his own next month. The whole tape has kind of a 90s feel, which I really love and am so influenced by bands like TLC and INoJ so I was so excited to do the song and I fucking love Sad Andy so I was stoked to work with him too. It’s my song to this dude who I really really wanted to hook up with (well, I pretty much wanted to date him and snuggle him forever) but he was not into me at ALL for multiple reasons hahaha. I hope he doesn’t hear it.


SB:Haha that’s dope. It’s an amazing song hopefully he hears it and regrets it all. So, are you working on your album? Is it dropping soon?

K: LOL He’ll never regret it. I am insane. Anyway yeah, I’m working on my album but it’s been taking a lot longer than I expected so I’m working on some releases in the meantime. (: I haven’t really formally announced it but I’m probably going to have a new project out next month.

SB: Omg that’s exciting. Is there any features on the new projects?

K: Since the songs I’m using are songs that were a little too weird/different attitude for my album, and they’re also songs that I wrote over the summer when I was going through a bunch of different rough situations, they’re kind of like my diary. They don’t have any features on them because they’re all so personal that it didn’t feel right to have anyone else on them.

SB:Ya I get it. It’s all the songs you hold dear to my heart. I love your constant hair color change. What’s your inspiration and why the constant change?

K:Welllllll it was red for SO long and my red hair was tied so closely with my image/identity and after my shitty summer, I was really ready for a change. I wanted to look a lot different and I figured since cutting my hair is NOT something I like doing I’d just dye it to match what I feel is a different personality from what I had before…that’s why I dyed it dark green. Sadly, I started shooting a film like a month later and the director didn’t like it green so he tried to get me to dye it back to red, but I refused to. I told him I would only make it lighter, so they had my hair stripped and colored to a light blueish-blonde. I wasn’t allowed to change it anymore until the movie was done shooting, so I had to keep that for a while. When we finally finished, I dyed it mint green and I think I’m gonna keep it this way for a while because it makes me feel like an anime girl hahaha.


SB:Lol that’s awesome changing you hair color via your mood. Tell me about 285 Kent and the song you made dedicated to it closing.

K: 285 was a warehouse venue in Williamsburg that was really special to me before it closed a few months ago- it was where I met most of my best friends and my ex-boyfriend Nick, and I played a lot of really memorable shows there. I lived closeby, so I would go there all the time and made really good friends with the people who worked shows at the venue and eventually started throwing parties of my own there. I’ve made so many memories there and it was my favorite place- the situation that inspired the 285 song happened there, and it seemed like a really important part of the story so I wanted to dedicate the song to it’s memory, haha.

SB: It’s one of my favorite song, and the meaning is great too. You dress really creative and beautiful what inspires you?

K: Thank you! I dont really have like a “style inspiration” and I don’t pay attention to fashion really, it kind of seems pointless to me. I’ve been dressing pretty much the same since high school lol. I like to be comfortable, so most of what I wear is oversized or stretchy, but I really like to mix the two into my outfits. I love to layer things. I wear a lot of patterns, too…I love mixing patterns even though it comes out silly sometimes. I’m excited because I love wearing bright colors, but a lot of them clash with red hair so now that my hair is more neutral I can wear so many more colors. Especially hot pink, which is my favorite but I NEVER wore with red hair haha.


SB: Haha. What do you have planned for 2014?

K: So far, I’m planning on going back to florida to play a few shows in April followed by a short little Canadian tour. I’ll probably release my next EP in between those tours, and after that I’m going to play my first ever shows in Europe and working with some producers and writers that will finally pull my album together! Then I suppose it will depend on how and when I decide to release the album. (:

SB: Omg so exciting. that’s really big congratulations. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

K: I’m not sure where i see myself in 10 years…probably not in music, but hopefully doing something more rooted in technology. i’m working with a couple of startups right now, one of them is kind of my baby and it’s been really fun and fulfilling.



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