Chippy Nonstop: The Internet’s Twerking Sensation









Chippy Nonstop is an LA based rapper that you may know for getting “Kicked Out Da Club”. She’s featured on songs with Kreayshawn, Andy Milonakis, and Gangsta Boo. Catch her at the club twerking and causing a scene or updating her twitter status. She’s made herself known and doesn’t stop (hence her name),  I got the chance to talk with her about her new album, possibility of a TV show, and her feelings on Lil Debbie.

Saddest Bae: Hey Chippy, how are you doing today?

Chippy Nonstop: I’m aight. Bouts to get high. Maybe make some songzzz. How u?

SB: Im good. Are you working on a new EP/Album?

CN:I’m just working but yeah I’m making an album , think i’m going to work on a side project with someone and also #THOTTHURSDAYS.

SB: Tell me about #THOTTHURSDAYS, what is it? and why the name?

CN:I don’t know, it’s just fun music to give away to my fans until my album comes out . It’s just random slaps I make in one day to give to the THOTS , nasty slaps 4 d hoes.

SB:Haha. I see you always getting turnt at parties/clubs. Would you consider yourself the twerk queen?


SB: I always see you use words like “been“, “same“, and “not once“. Do you come up with these or nah?

CN: Well some of our key words I started using a lot, but I’m part of a crew called #YungKloutGang and we are all somewhat involved in spreading these words and making them“viral” in a abusive way.

SB: Haha I see. I heard you were thinking about doing a TV show. Can you give me details about it?

CN: There’s a lot of talks about it, but nothing is confirmed and I can’t talk about any specifics.

SB: That’s dope. I know that you had some twitter beef with Lil Debbie a little while back, can you talk about how it started, and how you feel about it?

CN: She been disliked me, I have nothing to say about it. I feel no type of away about her or the situation.

SB: Same. So you have a lot of videos/music coming. Can you tell me about what’s coming soon?

CN: Music videos for Alone, Bang Bang, and NahAlone video is either this week or next week.

SB: Last question, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

CN: Happy.


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